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XPORT Jr. - International Consultancy and Support is a junior company based in Rio de Janeiro, committed to the values of the International Junior Enterprise Movement. Our team of junior entrepeneurs consists of undergraduate students of International Relations from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro.


Our main goal is to provide solutions to our customers, by increasing the prospects in the area of foreign trade to companies through services such as international advisory, market analysis, prospection of international suppliers, market research and export and import planning. 


- Willingness to make a difference

- Courage to face challenges

- Synergy

- Dynamism

- Appreciation of people

- Passion for what we do

- Pride of being part of the XPORT Jr. family and the International Junior Enterprise Movement. 


Our mission is to create new opportunities through the connection between the culture of young entrepreneurship, the UFRRJ and the client, promoting the social impact and the development of our members.


We develop a custom plan of import/export that includes the evaluation of costs and risks, and assistance during the execution of this process, to companies that operate or wish to compete in the international trade market.


We are a nonprofit company, therefore we are able to provide high quality services to our customers at a fair price, far below the market value. Check out the services offered by us:
Market Analysis
Planning and Support on Import and Export

We analyze the sector in which your company operates or intends to operate, in order to help define its position against the competition. We also identify the best business opportunities through the search for potential markets.

Thus, we can perform a brief analysis in order to understand exactly how we can help your business.

Tell us about your needs and our team will reach you in no time.

No strings attached. Easy. For free.




Legal and Finance

Marketing and


Human Resources 



Go Global

Go Global is the largest series of lectures and workshops held by XPORT Jr. The event has partnerships with local businesses and other events, with the purpose of integrating our junior company into the student community, by bringing experts on foreign trade, international marketing, logistics and the private sector, to our university. The event has been held annually since 2014, and each edition is known for being a big hit.

Our company has a commitment to the entire student community, aimed at stimulating their personal and professional knowledge. Therefore, we constantly promote lectures with experts on International Relations and foreign trade on campus. XPORT Jr. also promotes courses and workshops targeted at students of the UFRRJ, with the purpose of evolving and refining their skills.

Equipe XPORT Jr - I Go Global - 2014
Equipe XPORT Jr - I Go Global - 2014

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Parceiros do III Go Global
Parceiros do III Go Global

Patrocinadores e Apoiadores do III Go Global - Explore o seu mundo

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II Go Global - 2015
II Go Global - 2015

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Founded in October 20, 1910, by the president of the republic Nilo Peçanha, the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (ESAMV) laid the foundations of agricultural education in Brazil. The ESAMV, however, only began operating in 1913 and ended in 1934. In its place emerged three distinct institutions: the National School of Agriculture (ENA), National School of Veterinary Medicine (ENV) and the National School of Chemistry (which was incorporated in 1937 by the University of Brazil, today Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). These institutions were crucial to overcoming the fragmentary agricultural and veterinary education throughout the nineteenth century and to create an academic reference environment. In January of 1944, the Rural University was established as an organ of the National Centre for Agronomic Research and Teaching (PNES).
The International Relations major was set up at UFRRJ in 2010, part of REUNI (Federal Program of Support to Plans of Restructuring and Expansion of Federal Brazilian Universities), contributing to the growth of UFRRJ and making it possible to found our junior company, XPORT Jr.





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Address: Rodovia BR 465/Km 47 -  Seropédica - UFRRJ - ICHS

 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


+55 21 98515-6191